Not forgoten you guys

So you may think that I forgot you…………. well yeah I did, woops, ah well, so much to catch up on since the last time I posted here.

The Channel hit 100 subs, I set up a new channel noobs play, and I started working on a new mod pack, release date TBA but you guy can build it for free yourself.

Oh and I started to do some (poor) writing.

Youtube guys, I have been doing behind the scenes stuff for a while (maintenence on my computer, test records, modpack tests (AT launcher) and gypsy magic (seperate post for that) stuff will be coming out soon(ish)


Want 101 games from the low low price of free

Yes you read the title right, I have found a place where you can get 101 free games that you may not have heard of and some of them are really good (imo should be on steam as well) so what are you waiting for download them here (not because the site is blocked in some areas due to illegal torrents you may have to use a proxy)

2 games that I really enjoyed are going to have a video done on them soon on the channel 


Things that I am up to now

So its been a while (a long while) since my last post and that’s not good, I never forgot about this blog it’s just that I have been too busy to do much with it, because I have been doing loads of things anyway what have I been up to I hear you cry well.

Cause I have been doing a fair amount of things ill do them in sections (website sections)

As you know I gave my channel a rebirth a while ago currently main series are Modded Minecraft challenge pack and hawken with the rebirth of golden sun coming soon ™ you can visit that over on

Also on youtube a friend and I have made a noobs play channel where we give the other person a game that we have played in the past and challenging the other to play it,we also do take suggestions from people on games that we should play all the videos we have done so far can be found on

Because of the fact that I want to have people able to communicate with me on all platforms with my youtube (aside from google plus cause that sucks) I have made a facebook page for my youtube channel

Talking about youtube channels with pages if you want to join the fans talking about games with noobs play then feel free to drop us a like

Last on the facebook list is the fan page that I help admin, its a doctor who fan page so no surprise there if you knew me in real life feel free to drop us a like there

oh there is one more thing happening on facebook but im going to make that an entirely different post.


If you are following me on twitter @iaindude you will know that I recently got FInal Fantasy 10 hd remake and I LOVE IT

Stream for #ablegamers2013

So the past few days….. scratch that the past few weeks I have been doing a charity livestream for ablegamers and it went swimmingly well so far.

Friday marks the last day of the stream but I wont go down without you forgetting it. I have provided you guys with a reason to donate. Ic I geg $5 ($2 more) then I will sing the minions version of the ymca (despicable me 2) and if I get to $10 I will do solo scavenger on a harder difficulty and for longer.

I will do a proper look back at the end of the week.

Okay then thats strange

So you may be aware of a few deaths in the past few weeks, lets start off with the first.
Brian Griffin- CARTOON DOG killed possibly for story arc to help people who have problems dealing with death and stewie will bring him back next episode some how, or he will just be there.
Next death is a double death, the guy from fast and furious and the driver, granted these are real people but the amount of coverage they got is way too much, people posting left right and center thinking that the guy was a saint because he could shift gears faster than anyone else could.
The last one happened today, Nelson Mandela he actually did more good than the guy from fast and furious and hardly anything on Facebook, luckily twitter saved the day (kinda) #RIPNelsonMandela is trending world wide.

But get this, I get blocked on Facebook because get this “my friend thinks that the guy from fast and furious is more important than Nelson Mandela” if thats not stupid then i dont know what is

Okay Im creative apparently

So today is someone’s birthday and its a someone that i love and she isn’t family. I decided to send her this message on whatsapp

” I hope that today of all days brings you joy and happiness on this great Monday. As this Monday is no average Monday for this Monday marks the 18th time that you have gone around the sun on a rock known as the planet earth. Although that may make you feel small you are the biggest thing that has happened in my life”

So yeah i did a thing that was creative and not in minecraft how strange is that. Anyway over the week if i can i will vlog or blog about stuff just check my twitter @iaindude if you want to sweet me. Im thinking of making a Facebook page as well

Music that matters

So after a chat on twitter with someone i follow and a friend of there’s i decided to write this post.
There will be a video that i will do tomorrow over on my YouTube as well ik you dot like reading.

Im not going to say that i can sing properly i just do it for fun i don’t want any money from it and most of the time im just having a laugh. I will however say that the pop stars that have been going at least since 2010 are the ones who claim that they can sing but in actual fact they can’t. I bet you if you asked Justin bieber or one direction to sing a song while there was a power cut they would say no, why? Because the auto tune equipment requires electricity. Mainstream modern music is only done for the looks of the person not the talent they had. If Freddie mercury was alive in this generation he would not be as popular as he was when he was alive. The reason for this is because he isn’t that good looking compared to some of the popstars. The only way he would get anywhere is if he went on the voice.

Lets have another look at music. Instead of the looks and the ability (or lack of) to sing lets instead look at the song writing.

First up *shudder* bY  Justin bieber.
Goodness knows how many writers
2-3 mins song
Only words in the intro
Baby baby baby oh.

Next up is Freddie mercury (with queen) on bohinium rapsody
1 writer
1 publisher
1 band
First words
Is this the real life,
Or is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide no escape from reality

And it is a beautiful 4-5 mins song.

So modern music has scored 0 points and queen on its own has scored 3 points. If i was comparing modern music with 60’s 70’s and 80’s music then the score for old school would be OVER 9000