Miss me well im back

Sorry about the really long delay since my last post exams and stuff. Little big update as you can probably guess there has been tons of things going on so ill tell ya 1 this happene just now i have found the launch date of golden sun dark dawn i cant wait till november the 29. 2 i got round to watching monty python and the holy grail 😀 3 linked (kinda) with 2 got worms reloaded B-) go me but them a patch came and screwed it up for us 4 went to bournmouth for the weekend 😀 rained like mad tho 😦 ah well 5 heard the news that my nehbours daughters dog died age 16 i will make a tribute video if they want me to and put it on youtube when im done ill link it when its done also in the near future i will link you to an already set up tribute site when i get the chance 6 got to end on somthing good and happy i got my exam results today (there is no typo i do mean today as in 31st) and got better in hat than my brother i will post my results and his results for comparison tomoro. also one last note in the e3 side of things postal 2 was amounced this year cant waiti see you later


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