Golden sun dark dawn (from

Fans of the cult Golden Sun role-playing series have been informed that they do not have to wait much longer for the much-anticipated third instalment.

Nintendo has confirmed that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is coming to European DS consoles in December 2010, bringing 3D graphics and all-new gameplay features to the series.

The latest adventure takes place many years after the first two games and focuses on Matthew – son of original Golden Sun hero Isaac – who must combat evil forces in the world of Weyard, which is now much different from how fans will remember it.

As with previous titles, gameplay will focus on collecting elemental Djinn creatures to power up attacks, while new weapon mastery and mystical Psynergy powers will also be available.

Gamers can expect story choices to play a bigger role this time around, with different dialogue options eliciting a range of reactions from in-game characters.

Aficionados have been waiting for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for years, with the previous instalment Golden Sun: The Lost Age having been launched on Game Boy Advance back in 2003.


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