a few notes

just a few notes
1:when you post a comment make sure it is post appropriate
2:you may have already guessed any posts at midnight then it was not me up that late to post it there is a way of me telling it to publish at midnight
3:if you see a post with 203soft and then a name of software (I.e 203soft word reader 6.0) then its something i found on 20 free software so enjoy
4.also if anyone finds any extensions or anything then post link as comment and i will do BR then name of extension/software and it wont just say here is an extension from mr tom enjoy i will review it
5. if there is a {review} then it is something i found and reviewing
6. {how to} is as you could guess a how to video or something i found/made/used (will mainly be videos)
7. making a todo list on my portal project (more later)


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