Debate:- console gaming vs pc gaming

what is better pc gaming or console gaming

post your feelings below


One thought on “Debate:- console gaming vs pc gaming

  1. This is a good discussion Iain however it is too brief and too simple. You need to express your own opinions a bit more. Explain more about what YOU think. I know you have a LOT of opinions on this subject Iain. You talk about it for fucking hours and hours. But i will say what i think AND WHY: I think console gaming is better than PC gaming for so many reasons. Let me begin…My best gaming memories of my life were on consoles. Memories such as completeing MGS2 on PS2 and almost crying with emotional fatigue in the last cutscene of the game. OMG!! IT IS JUST SO FUCKING EPIC!! Jumping off mount Chilliad in GTA: San Andreas. There are so many more that i won’t bother to list them. Another reason why console gaming is better because although gaming is becoming more and more social and competitive as we go further and further into the 21st century, the core of the gaming experience still lies in single player gaming. All the best games are singleplayer games. The GTA games. The FF games. All the JRPG’s. All the WRPG’s. Action Adventure games. And so many, many more. And the core of the console gaming experience IS singleplayer games. Another reason why console gaming is better is because consoles have a much larger array of games. Consoles don’t only have MORE games, but they also have BETTER games as well. All the best game franchises are primarily for consoles. Let me give some examples: The Final Fantasy games. The Dragon Quest games. The Dark Cloud games. The Disgaea games and so many, many more JRPG games. Lets not forget all the other RPG games in general that are primarily for consoles: The Dragon Age games. The Elder Scrolls games. The Baulders Gate games. The Fallout games. and so many, many more western RPG,s. And all the survival horror games that are primarily for consoles: The Silent Hill games. The Resident Evil games. The Forbidden Siren games. The Project Zero games and so many, many more horror games. Racing, one of the biggest genres in gaming, is also primarily for consoles. The likes of the NFS games, the Gran Turismo games, the Forza Motorsport games, the outrun games, the Ridge Racer games, The Burnout games. The Test Drive games and so many, many more. Beat-em-up games are the purest form of gaming. They are the essence of gaming with their franitc, frenetic, chaotic and fast paced arcadey gameplay. And they are unplayable on the PC but extremely fun on consoles. Games like the Street Fighter games. The Tekken games. The Soul Caluber games. The Virtua Fighter games. The Blazblue games. Now to get onto the rest of them: The God of War games. The Ico games. The Jak and Daxter games. The Ratchet and Clank games. All the games that are published or developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. the Dead Rising games. The Castlevania games. The Devil May Cry games. The Getaway games. The Kingdom Hearts games. The Metal Gear Solid games. The Megaman games. The Super Mario games. The Contra games. The Donkey Kong games. The Bomberman games. The Onimisha games. the Pac-Man games. The Prince of Persia games. The Pro Evolution Soccer games. The Splintercell games. The Yakuzza games. The Ninja Gaiden games. Heavy Rain. The Red Dead games. The Little Big Planet games. Okami and so many, many more. But don’t worry. I’m not pushing aside the PC’s advantages. Its just that it doesn’t really have any. I know that many PC fags would argue that they have the advantage because the PC is the ultimate gaming platform for the most popular and common video game genre of them all: First-person-shooters. And it is. However, the PC is rapidly losing this advantage. Because FPS games are getting more and more optimized for consoles. And they are getting more and more social and competitive for consoles as well. For example, Call of Duty is now a console franchise when it used to be primarily for the PC. And more and more console FPS games are getting released. There are so many console FPS games out there. The likes of the Bioshock games. Area 51. The Halo games. The Resistance games. The Killzone games. The Red Faction games. The Medal of Honor games. The Timesplitters games. Brink. Bulletsorm. The Fallout games. Soon FPS games are gonna be just as good on consoles as they are on PC. So the PC is gonna lose that advantage because FPS games are getting more optimized for consoles these days. The main advantage that PC games have over console games is that the PC is the ultimate gaming platform for social and competitive gaming. But the PC is rapidly losing its only real advantage over consoles as consoles are getting more and more social and competitive. The Japanese Sony Playstation 3 is the prime example of this. Although PC gamers get Steam, soon PS3 users will be able to use Steam as well. They will even be able to use it to play a game with other players that have the PC version of the same game. Portal 2 is the first game to use this new thing. I’m not sure how it works but there doing it. So the PC will no longer even have Steam as an advantage. And on top of that the PS3 has its own social network which is like a virtual world to socialize in. Like a watered down version of the MMO Second Life. In Playstation Home, millions of PS3 users from all over the world can interact with each other. They can share game data with each other. They can meet up to arrange to play ps3 games competitively against each other. They can share data on their PS3 with each other like saved media such as photo’s and films. They can dance with each other. They can chat either with typing or with their own voice if using a headset. They can play snooker and arcade games with each other. There is so much to see and do and the it allows a huge level of interactibility both in the social respect and the virtual enviroment. It is the console gaming ecquivelant of the PC MMO Second Life. Many PC fags would argue that PC gaming is better for social and competitive gaming because of access to the world wide web. However, the PC has already lost this advantage as PS3 players have full access to the world wide web if there is a wireless connection in their home and if they have connected their PS3 to the internet. Another reason why console gaming is better is because it is a lot less expensive than PC gaming. It takes thousands of pounds or dollars to set up an at least half decent PC gaming rig. It takes hundreds of pounds or dollars to purchase an Xbox 360 or PS3. It also does not take as much time and effort to set up a console gaming rig than it does a PC gaming rig. Console gaming also has a lot less problems that PC gaming. Its a lot more stable. There is not as much lag. Not as much crashing. The PC often has problems responding to a programme and proccessing it, and as a result operates very slowly which can be very fustrating. All these problems that the PC has, consoles don’t have these problems. Or perhaps they do but just not as severe or as bad as the PC. As a result console gaming is a lot less fustrating and enraging than PC gaming. I have lost count of how many times i was tempted to grab my PC tower and throw it out my window before smashing my fist through my computer screen. So for all those reasons i think console gaming is better than PC gaming. If any one disagrees with me, please feel free to argue your point against me but please use reasons and logic to back up your opinions like i have done.

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