Announcement:- new blog topics

this is the day where two new topics get announced (plus a mini announcement on something else)
steam works

steam works is a section about any interesting steam news (like the release of RIFT) and any other news if it is a slow day (like yet another cross promotion for tf2)
Computer upgrade

this may take a while to launch (due to the timing of magazines) basically i am going to try to get the pc upgrade magazine and find out what is the best tech (motherboard graphics ect)

minor list

just as a few minor notes for the hell of it i am going to be making a new page for all the things i am on (backloggery steam xfire ect)

and I may make the stupidest thing ever on my steam stream (awaiting verification with your help i can make it verified) sum crafting on tf2 (that is when i get really board and my laptop wont be able to play it)


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