Shock release and mid week madness

since the announcement (yesterday) of the steam works section there has been mid-week madness and two new releases also something that is happened yet not, crossover with team fortress 2.and a delay again

Mid Week Madness
this weeks midweek madness is warhammer 40,000:dawn of war 50% off ends February 10th at 4pm Pacific Time does not include retribution

new games
new games released Test drive unlimited 2 and YOU DON’T KNOW JACK®

check out the steam store for these new items and the bargin

delays likly
aimed to be released last friday (when i pre ordered it) now going to be released april (last check) portal 2 is delayed yet again

yet another crossover in team fortress 2 (just another way for valve to get what may be a bad game sold you may think)

most people see a game with a way to get tf2 items and that game is usually bad (pokernight at the inventory prime example) so you may be thinking worthless…… BUT this time i think that it will be really great
RIFT on steam
as you can see it is yet another game that you need to pre order it to get the items (to start with) they do become craftable after the promotion has gone and the weapons do look really awesome

scouts new weapn
the scouts weapon

pyro weapon
the pyros promo weapon

so maybe this will be a good crossover

unlike this
unlike this


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