The year of the gamer

So most people say that 2010 didn’t give much in the way of gaming, most of these people would also say that considering the lack of new and exciting titles into the gaming market that gaming producers are preparing for what most people (namely me and a few mates) have dubbed the year of gaming.

The reasoning behind this is because in 2010 massive software producer (and pc giant) valve!! announced not only that they are releasing a sequel to the 2006 hit portal, not only is it multiplayer, BUT you can do cross-platform with the ps3. (oh how i cant wait till that happens) could this mean that more games on steam you will be able to play on ps3, and get free updates (screw you Microsoft).

And it’s not only planet valve that is having a new release (and to any readers thinking this is more important than portal 2 the only reason its second is because i didn’t think about this until after i typed portal stuff up) but the elderscrolls world is having a nice release in 2011 skyrim (and no i didn’t Google it honest), released (ill probably get corrected for this) at last look 11/11/11 (hopefully at 11 mins past 11 that would be awesome).

in other gaming news in the not to distance future a new gen console from Nintendo (and Sony but we don’t want to give them a big ego) is being released 3d gaming in the palm of your hands without glasses (strangely named the 3ds cant see why) along with the console a whole load of games are getting exclusive release (a full list will be done at later date)

so this year 2011 really looks to be the year of gaming


2 thoughts on “The year of the gamer

  1. 2010 was one of the best years of my entire life. It was definately (for me) the best year for video games ever so far in my entire life

  2. My most anticipated game for 2011 is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Unfortunately i’m dissapointed with Skyrim after i read an article about it in issue’s of both PCG and OPM that Skyrim is a bleak world that consists simply of mountains and snow 😦 Its not gonna be as good as its preddeccesor. But Oblivion is a lot to live up to so what did we expect..?

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