Steam works New releases and not another tf2 crossover

So its been a while since i last did a steam works post (coincidently when rift crossover was on) but i am not deliberately aiming to do this on tf2 crossover its just the way it happens, so in this “episode” its gonna be informing you about loads of new releases (far back as 17th of febuary), pre purchases crossovers and steam client update (including screenshots)

new releases

steam have loads of new releases since the last steam post, the list begins with:

  • war-hammer 4000 dawn of war II retribution (or something like that)
  • B.U.T.T.O.N (don’t ask i haven’t yet checked it)
  • Fate of the world
  • Bit.trip runner
  • serious Sam hd fusion dlc
  • Painkiller: redemption
  • Men of war: Assault squad
  • proto defense
  • creavures
  • Agricultural Simulator 2011
  • Everquest II:Destiny of Velious
  • Cites in motion
  • Bulletstorm
  • Fall out new Vegas: Dead Money
  • Commander: Conquest of the Americas: Pirate Treasure chest

Games at the top of the list are the ones that are the newest to be releases (some of the lower down games like commander may be already out)

Steam client

so the steam client has been updated there was a time when this meant that some bugs/exploits have been fixed

exception to the rule has come in the latest one,(and when they changed the look of the client but that was before i started this section)

you can take screenshots in any game that you can get the steam overlay in (so i could even do it on a really obscure game that’s not in the steam store) and you can choose to share it with friends or the world so enjoy finding porno sprays and sharing them with your friends. At the moment there is one gb of storage they may increase to a bigger size in the future don’t know (probably sell you space)

now on to the thing I am going to call

way valve are making you buy a game you probably only play once just because it has another item into tf2 that makes you overpowered or look awesome

or for short

tf2 crossovers

so last time rift was announced as the crossover and before i start spewing out about they only giving the item to people who get the game that isn’t one hundred percent true because with rift the items were genuine quality and soon enough you will be able to craft the sun on a stick and the volcanic fragment thing

but this time they don’t give you an overpowered weapon  oh my god, and for once in about loads of crossovers this item is not for the scout it is instead a hat for the solider (don’t know why they chose a hat and not item) also i am not fully sure but there has been a change in the tf2 files apart from the new items

Modified : /team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/resource/tf_english.txt
Modified : /team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/scripts/items/items_game.txt
Modified : /team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/steam.inf
not sure what they are but looks as tho there is a new taunt (maybe)
as of the other two who knows



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