Steam increases account security (and another bunch of game releases)

Steam are helping users protect there accounts more from phishing attacks with a new (currently in beta) feature called steam guard. In this new feature it gives all users a one time verification on new systems to log it on there what i understand as “pc i use” list.The way it works is that when you log in (after using this beta product) you will get an email sent to you asking if you want to use this account on this system, it is only a one step system so try and not use it on a pc with multiple users.

in other steam news (not updates cus that could take forever)

there are some new releases (wont go through them all cus i cant fit it all on one page)
and for once not a tf2 crossover (but there is one thing tf2 bassed)
new games

two new games are out sega dream cast collection and a dlc pack for civilization 5


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