Google labs

Google have been running labs for a long time (and a sucsess or two have come from it google images was a labs item once) but not all people use labs, maily because they have no time at all or dont know about the labs feature but for those who dont have time i have loads so i can make stuff about it bellow you are goign to see the (un)predictability of one of the new features google scribble
the starting word will be hello and lets see how much it makes from it

“hello i am a big fan of the show and the other is a more detailed description of the invention is to provide a method for the determination of the amount of the compound of formula I wherein R is a hydrogen atom or a methyl group at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Berkeley in the early stages of the disease and the presence of a large number of people who are not in the same way as the first ”

told you it was unpredictable

there are other lab things to try but ill let you look at them for the time being


One thought on “Google labs

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