Steam works

Last time I did a steam works post gabe newel announced steam guard in beta but that was a while ago now (and ill get onto that shortly), there has been some other news from valve hq yes one of them being a tf2 crossover, but one thing that I said I wouldn’t do I am about to do, UPDATE NEWS this will only apply to the team fortress 2 beta and i will only say anything when it is really interesting, so on with the news

Game releases
since my last post there have been a few releases one of these i will look into more (due to its crossover items)

  • total war Shotgun 2
  • Revenge of the titans
  • Homefront
  • that is just a small selection of the games released (and i do mean small if i went thru the whole list it would take all day)
    Tf2 crossover
    yes yet another tf2 crossover but like the rift items you can craft em but also you can (apparently) get them in random drops and buy them from the mann co store.
    these items are in a pack just like the pollycount sets and the later australian christmas sets (hibernating bear and medieval medic) this pack has the un inspired name shot-gun pack

    anyway moving onto the beta
    BETA update
    If you’re a tf2 user and you have had tf2 since at least start of this year (i think maybe even end of last year) you will own a public release tf2 beta and what has made me get excited about one update is the ability to coach people who are new to the game (i would really like to see that in the public release please) but that’s not all they have added replays (so you can see how much you have changed) more in a later post I will do (don’t know when) talking more about the beta

    last but not least
    steam guard
    Steam guard was in beta last time i talked about it and is now in the main release of steam i have used the steam guard and its secure as long as you don’t give the password to your email account away, but anyway steam guard requires a two-step login when you try a new computer so give it a go and let me know what you think about it


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