Tin foil hat moment again (and with the potato hat)

so yesterday team fortress 2 updated adding a new hat (un official on the wiki atm) which nothing unusual there. but the hat in question being a potato hat with a covenant set of games on steam store that you have to buy to get the hat (one of the worse crosvers ever) all being indi games.


in some of the games there are glyphs (don’t ask only just found out) and some people recon that it’s some news on portal 2 (one glyph someone thinks looks like part of the arpeture science logo)

with this people are reckoning that it is another arg (alternate reality game) last one was on march the first 2010 into ONE game. this lot on the other hand same style update (adding potatoes in games) on 13 different games (14 if you include tf2 and 15 if you include portal 2 (being related to it))

as we speak people are finding more connections in the valve arg http://valvearg.info

currently what i understand is that there are some glyphs that MAY link to a bbs (doubt it but they did use one on march first) no changes to the apretur science website (check it every day)

loads of pictures keep arriving and there are loads of blaten links to portal (and GLaDOS)

anymore info i find will be posted here


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