portal 2 could be released sooner

at the time of posting the release of portal 2 is in 46 hours and 34 mins with only 9 remanes in the potato sack left.

your confused aint ya

well on thursday a countdown was found on apeturescince.com just a simple countdown that lead to friday at 7 am (in utc i think) but at 5 pm gmt, this countdown lead to a new page on same domain GLaDOS@home which monitors all games that are in the potato sack but only 9 games are left to “power up” the site will be update every second hopefully so anyone with a game in the potato sack get gaming in one of them (if you want to know what game the current focus is on then visit has portal 2 launched yet)

with the help of indi games and players we get a new game out sooner than we should have done


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