Portal 2 release day for u.s.a but something else we didnt epect from valve hq

so today marks the day of portal 2 release for the u.s.a good news a new game for us after this whole arg people are happy,BUT valve are a money grabbing whore bags yes just like in team fortress 2 valve have released a PORTAL 2 STORE yes you read right a portal 2 store. Before nobs comment like”hur dr what can you buy from this store the only weapon is a portal gun”

well a friend of mine has confirmed you can buy hats gestures skins and other stuff (yes i said gestures and hats) which would be alright if you can use the footsteps as money but you can’t os you got to spend real money to et stuff, just like team fortress 2

^ see

and apparently it looks like there is going to be trading in portal soon as well


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