Religeon: Are we all worshiping the same god/gods

if you look at todays religions hindu Islam christian buddhism ect. they are saying pretty much the same thing this divine being or beings depending on your religion made the world humans trees life so on and so on, and they have pretty much the same story for “hell” and “the devil” you do bad you don’t get into “heaven”. seeing as there are all theses different religions saying the same thing why do people say that there are different divine beings?

take christianity for example

god spent 6 days making the earth and everything on it and on the 7th he rested he also made humans man and woman (Adam and eve)

we all know the story of creation so I don’t have to type it all out
but you see we all follow the same thoughts so why are there all these options for religion

the only difference with christianity and Islam is that Islams don’t eat pigs (due to the fact they are classed as dirty animals.
the rest of the religions is the same we have god making everything they have Allah (pbuh for those Islams) and the pillars of creation (apologies if its wrong I havent done r.e for ages.

i tell you why they have made religions differently instead of belive in god or don’t belive in god, it’s an illusion of choice you think your chosing differently to other people but if you look and get down to the core of all religions they are all the same


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