1001 video games:portal

original release date:2007
platform:various (pc xbox 360 ps3 (clasic xbox aparently)
developer: valve corporation
genre:puzzle action
portal is a puzzle game set in aperture science computer aided enrichment center this is what valve called in the commentary a programing test with it’s what was then new concept of solving puzzles with portals “these intra dimensional gates”-GLaDOS while you go thru the center the only other voice/s you here is GLaDOS and turrets (both voiced by Ellen McCain) but as you go thru you start to notice blood and hand prints in the testing chamber (and in one where to place portal marked by an x) also the tests will start going from place portal here get box place portal there put box on button go thru door get to chamber lock but gets to dodge killer ball get it to a power thing put portal here get on to the aperture science un-stationary scaffold (as glados calls it)
not to spoil it too much you the ending leads it onto the squeal quiet nicely (also if you go thru the game with dev commentary it reinforces the second game right)


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