quickhakkers first hack

ok this is a bit dangerous for me at the moment but I have found a way arround lanschool (used at colleges and schools)
this may or may not work for you. Before I go into the hack you people probably want to know what lan school is, from what i have seen (and have experienced) it’s a tool used by technically stupid librarians to block websites like facebook and youtube, it is also used to view what anyone is doing (thats why it is dangerous for me to post this now)
anyway if your college or school uses novel when you log in this hack will work for you.

  1.  you need to be able to launch the task manager and quick (crtl+shift+esc should work)
  2. when you log on to the system you need the res fuse to hang at the start of its task (res fuse is linked to novel i think)
  3. when res fuse crashes open the task manager (its the only way to open websites and other applications)
  4. end the resfuse process (it stays on top when you lauch stuff)
  5. in task manager click run (or create new task) then type in the blocked website that you want to visit

this should get you onto facebook or youtube (note this hack only works on sites that are blocked by lanschool)


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