Chrome VS Rockmelt

So the other day I found a new browser called Rockmelt and I thought I would try it and pitch it against chrome so I did.

Google’s chrome browser is good in the fact that it crash handles better than Firefox or internet explorer but if you were more of a social freak you would have to install add ons to get your Facebook notifications not with rockmelt, instead of having to install add ons to see notifications from Facebook instead you just have to look at the top of the bar everything is up there. also if you get bored with people messaging you disturbing your anime or video on YouTube your matching click the bell in the top right that turns off all notifications, to put them back up you just press the button again. Say you use a shared computer and you don’t want people to know that you’re looking for a present for them it still has in private browsing (in the main rockmelt menu).

chrome does have most of the stuff that rockmelt is when your incognito or in “silence mode” but rockemelt is better


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