you F*$Kers at the bbc are F*”king joking

you claim to be all about British comedy but the moment a hit tv series like mongrels comes along you D*$k heads decide to get rid of the show you guys should be B£*%y shot for that

the point is bbc stands for BRITISH broadcasting Corporation and that to me says we show British tv shows the likes of mongrels little Britain Russel Howard’s good news and mock the week. But instead I see more american shows like American dad and family guy (i don’t watch telly much tho tbh)

so sign this petition here to save our telly from american stuff like Wilfred (not saying there bad but i would like to see more stuff from the uk

need I point you to the original pitch reel

if I had to show all the best bits from the show I may as well just send you the whole two series (yeah they only did 2) granted the pitch reel looks bad that’s just the pitch if you see one of the songs from the show most of you will say I want to sign this petition

so if you could take a few mins to sign the petition I wont come round you F&%king house (by the way Vince t fox did the ranting)

once you have done so please click the link below

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