Post 119???/????

so what is this mysterious 119’th post gonna be about will it be software? will it be a petition? will it be a video i found on the internet? NO NO NO instead it will be a tf2 related thing (well nearly tf2 related).

I was going to do a post about something special for someone special stupid peice of coal but when I got chance I was too late to post it (valentines day thing) so instead im gonna post about something else


yes you read that right tf2 action figures but that’s not the main thing there are also left for dead figures but that’s not impressive either

before i go to the actual main point I have a question has anyone wished they had a portal gun?

well now you can
ah yeah bitches

science now your cumming with portals,
one down side to this is that you don’t actual get portals just the gun but still sweeeet
There will be lights and those lights will change colour, but will it make the “pwung” noise? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to buy at least five.


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