The real year of the gamer?

Last year was good for gamers with portal 2 released and skyrim (FUS-ROH-DAH) and all the other cool games and consoles released slowly thru the year this year though looks to be more epic and thats the first half of the year (diablo 3 for eg) among the list of games there is a new mario game (out now (tennis) and paper mario). Also on the list is cod black ops 2, ment to be different to the previous cod games (we will find out later this year i suppose). Even e3 im more exited about this year than any other year (valve may be menting half life 3 (if they can count that far ) later this month ill be discussing something else that valve may be releasing soon. You will see in the next post i do.


2 thoughts on “The real year of the gamer?

  1. Valve releasing something soon? …You’re talking about Dota 2, aren’t you? ha ha ha ha just kidding. That’s never going to see a real release.

    As for Codblops2, of course it’s coming out this year. EA is trying to come out with a CoD game every year. I swear Call of Duty is the new sports game of video games.

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