The Revolution is comming

Step up mongrels fans all over the world stand up in protest towards the bbc and Zai Bennett we may be a small group of people divided but we are strong together november 5th is when the shit goes down (not really shit but try to get the bbc attention for once). After all the complaints and all the comments the mighty bbc have shrugged them all off (even a few nasty edits to Zais Wiki page unfortunately all gone now) this time we will get what we want and we want more foul-mouthed foxes, more wise cracking pigeons, more posh yet timid foxes, we want MONGRELS (now play rule Britannia in your head) what can we say when people ask what makes Britain great? all I know is we can’t say “our own tv comedies made in Britain” we can’t say “the programming Zai Bennett has given us” but after the mongrels revolution has been won we will be able to say those things


show your support on november 5th by wearing a mongrels mask (dl: and posting a photo of you wearing it to the bbc 3 Facebook page saying something along the lines of BRING BACK MONGRELS

spread the word around tweet this to your follows #mongrelsrevolution and together we might just change bbc 3 programing and that c**T zai’s mind forever


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