Windows PC alarm clock.

If you have a windows pc (xp to 7) you have a free alarm clock, to make it so that it works like one you need a few things.
1. Music in windows media player
2. The ability to change tasks in the task scheduler
3. Know how to save as .bat

So assuming that you are reading this part it means you have all three things above.
To start with you would want to make a playlist in windows media player this is simple stuff trust me, once you have the playlist make sure that you know where it is saved (for me it i sC:\users\iain\music\playlists) you might want to name the playlist alarm.
once you have the playlist set you need to write the batch file. To do this simply open up notepad.exe and then type the following
CD C:\Users\\Music\Playlists

then select save as, make sure at this point that it is saving as all files, this allows you to change the file extension while it is being saved. I would recommend saving it as “alarm.bat”

We are now only one step away, activating the batch file when you want to.
Press start and type in “task” (vista and 7) or click administrator tools > Task Scheduler. from there you want to make a new task (click action> create new task) name it anything you want to name it (preferably alarm). from there click “triggers” then set the days you want it to go off and the time on them days (this can be done for multiple days and times just by creating new triggers.)
After you have set the triggers click “actions” on this scree you should click “new”, already it is showing you the display that you need simply press “browse” and select the batch file you made earlier and click ok until you reach backk to the main task schedule screen.

Make sure it works by right clicking the task (or left depending what button brings down the drop down menu) then select “run” it is recommended to put the playlist on shuffle so that you are awoken by a different song each day (depending on the vastness of your library and playlist)

Make sure that you leave your computer or laptop on during the night and make sure that you


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