Next Gen console’s

SO the wii u has been out for a few months now and the ps4 and xbox 1 have both been announced but what console is better.
Lets have a look at what we know, Xbox 1 you wont be able to borrow games off friends or play second-hand games without having to pay extra for (this will ruin half of game and gamestop), both the ps4 and Xbox 1 are not backwards compatible and (apparently) the xbox 1 wont be able to play xbox live games. Whereas the Wii U the only problem that there has been is the updates and loading, the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with wii games and you can even transfer content over from the wii to the wii u.
on the ps4 though we know that there is a share function meaning that you can show people clips of your game online, also you can have people live spectate and join in if you get stuck on a part of a game.
In my opinion the xbox is failing


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