Music that matters

So after a chat on twitter with someone i follow and a friend of there’s i decided to write this post.
There will be a video that i will do tomorrow over on my YouTube as well ik you dot like reading.

Im not going to say that i can sing properly i just do it for fun i don’t want any money from it and most of the time im just having a laugh. I will however say that the pop stars that have been going at least since 2010 are the ones who claim that they can sing but in actual fact they can’t. I bet you if you asked Justin bieber or one direction to sing a song while there was a power cut they would say no, why? Because the auto tune equipment requires electricity. Mainstream modern music is only done for the looks of the person not the talent they had. If Freddie mercury was alive in this generation he would not be as popular as he was when he was alive. The reason for this is because he isn’t that good looking compared to some of the popstars. The only way he would get anywhere is if he went on the voice.

Lets have another look at music. Instead of the looks and the ability (or lack of) to sing lets instead look at the song writing.

First up *shudder* bY  Justin bieber.
Goodness knows how many writers
2-3 mins song
Only words in the intro
Baby baby baby oh.

Next up is Freddie mercury (with queen) on bohinium rapsody
1 writer
1 publisher
1 band
First words
Is this the real life,
Or is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide no escape from reality

And it is a beautiful 4-5 mins song.

So modern music has scored 0 points and queen on its own has scored 3 points. If i was comparing modern music with 60’s 70’s and 80’s music then the score for old school would be OVER 9000


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