Okay then thats strange

So you may be aware of a few deaths in the past few weeks, lets start off with the first.
Brian Griffin- CARTOON DOG killed possibly for story arc to help people who have problems dealing with death and stewie will bring him back next episode some how, or he will just be there.
Next death is a double death, the guy from fast and furious and the driver, granted these are real people but the amount of coverage they got is way too much, people posting left right and center thinking that the guy was a saint because he could shift gears faster than anyone else could.
The last one happened today, Nelson Mandela he actually did more good than the guy from fast and furious and hardly anything on Facebook, luckily twitter saved the day (kinda) #RIPNelsonMandela is trending world wide.

But get this, I get blocked on Facebook because get this “my friend thinks that the guy from fast and furious is more important than Nelson Mandela” if thats not stupid then i dont know what is