Things that I am up to now

So its been a while (a long while) since my last post and that’s not good, I never forgot about this blog it’s just that I have been too busy to do much with it, because I have been doing loads of things anyway what have I been up to I hear you cry well.

Cause I have been doing a fair amount of things ill do them in sections (website sections)

As you know I gave my channel a rebirth a while ago currently main series are Modded Minecraft challenge pack and hawken with the rebirth of golden sun coming soon ™ you can visit that over on

Also on youtube a friend and I have made a noobs play channel where we give the other person a game that we have played in the past and challenging the other to play it,we also do take suggestions from people on games that we should play all the videos we have done so far can be found on

Because of the fact that I want to have people able to communicate with me on all platforms with my youtube (aside from google plus cause that sucks) I have made a facebook page for my youtube channel

Talking about youtube channels with pages if you want to join the fans talking about games with noobs play then feel free to drop us a like

Last on the facebook list is the fan page that I help admin, its a doctor who fan page so no surprise there if you knew me in real life feel free to drop us a like there

oh there is one more thing happening on facebook but im going to make that an entirely different post.


If you are following me on twitter @iaindude you will know that I recently got FInal Fantasy 10 hd remake and I LOVE IT


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