Charity LIvestream

If you havent checked out my youtube lately ( then you wont know that i am doing a christmas charity livestream in aid of the able gamers foundation , currently i have just thrown up a few (2) test videos of different quality just to see how good i can make the video and audio, also testing for timing as well for changing scenes.

The livestream will be over on my twitch tv channel ( from the 1st of december 2013 till the 20th (at the earliest) depending on the donnations will depend on if i do more.


YouTube Content Creator

Because I have had a bit more time on my hand of late I decided to start doing YouTube a bit more instead of using it just to comment on peoples content. If you havent checked out my channel lately then please go visit it over at I will most likely be doing vlogs over there instead of blogs over here yet i still might use here if there is anything i need to type about and cant use youtube for it for what ever reason (maybe because i need wifi and i only have 3g i.e camping) anyway whats happening on my channel is, Started a Lets Play on Golden Sun (told you i would) and also doing some test videos to test quality of stuff

I am still alive

So I know I haven’t been blogging that much lately infact i cant even remember the last post i made :S

anyway im gonna post like 2 or 3 more posts today about stuff thats happening or happened just so you guys are aware this is kind of the warning post if you like

Zombie SOPA


SOPA is back. Well, one of the harshest and most ridiculous parts of it, anyway. The Obama Administration wants to make unauthorized streaming a felony — with years of jail time.

If this passes, sharing a video of yourself singing karaoke could land you in prison. Singing “Happy Birthday” with your family and videotaping it would be a felony. Click here to say NO to SOPA censorship.

This latest push to crack down on everyday internet activity comes from the Commerce Department’s Internet Policy Task Force1. They want to make it so that any streaming or sharing of copyrighted content could be punishable by years in jail. Just imagine. If these recommendations become law, kids could be locked up for singing pop songs on Youtube.

Tell Obama: No SOPA-style censorship. Ever.

The prospect of teenagers going to jail for uploading their bands’ cover songs is terrifying, but the good news is that Congress is still pretty shaken up from the SOPA strike last year 2. We’ve got a good chance of stopping this toxic legislation before it gets anywhere, but we need to let everyone know, right now. So far the mainstream media hasn’t paid much attention to this, and there’s a danger that this censorship bill could fly under the radar and pass if we don’t act now.

Tell your friends like you did last year. It’s time for the web to freak out again to defend itself.

If you’re on facebook, click here to share.

If you’re on twitter, click here to tweet.

Even better, forward this email to 10 people, or to any email lists that you’re on. We can’t waste any time in getting the word out. We fought tooth and nail last year to keep the internet free from SOPA-style censorship, we can’t let this bill sneak through and kill the open web.

People shouldn’t go to prison for sharing a video. Click here to fight censorship.

We’re counting on you,

-Tiffiniy, Holmes, and Evan

Fight for the Future

P.S. this latest attempt at SOPA-style legislation is a reminder that the fight for internet freedom will be long and hard. Can you chip in $10 today to keep us fighting for the long haul? Click here to donate.


1) Washington Post, “SOPA died in 2012 but the Obama Administration wants to revive part of it.”
2) Techdirt, “Don’t get SOPA’d is the new mantra on Captiol Hill”

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One day moreImage 

So at some point I am going to be able to do this big thing that I have in my head, the plan is by using social media alone (wordpress twitter and youtube) is to be able to get some people together to sing one day more from les miserables so far i only have me if you want to get involved then either tweet me @iaindude, use the hashtag #lesmis1daymore or comment on here, best way is via twitter.



Next Gen console’s

SO the wii u has been out for a few months now and the ps4 and xbox 1 have both been announced but what console is better.
Lets have a look at what we know, Xbox 1 you wont be able to borrow games off friends or play second-hand games without having to pay extra for (this will ruin half of game and gamestop), both the ps4 and Xbox 1 are not backwards compatible and (apparently) the xbox 1 wont be able to play xbox live games. Whereas the Wii U the only problem that there has been is the updates and loading, the Wii U is fully backwards compatible with wii games and you can even transfer content over from the wii to the wii u.
on the ps4 though we know that there is a share function meaning that you can show people clips of your game online, also you can have people live spectate and join in if you get stuck on a part of a game.
In my opinion the xbox is failing